CemeCon Company Sustainability at CemeCon

Sustainability at CemeCon

Through environmental-friendly technology and resources-saving production processes, CemeCon makes an important contribution towards the protection of our environment.

CemeCon makes environmental efficient progressive technologies globally available and applies them over the entire life-cycle of its products.

CemeCon coating technology contributes to the increment of productivity in industrial manufacturing processes and improves through its utilization the quality of life.

CemeCon Basic Principles

  • We strictly follow environmental guidelines and permanently work on the reduction of energy and resources consumption.
  • An environmentally conscious working attitude is applied by each CemeCon employee. To develop the sense of responsibility for the environment on all levels, is a constant executive task.
  • We make sure that our environmental policy is effectively implemented. Technical and organizational procedures are regularly checked and further enhanced.
  • Our business partners are applying the same environmental guidelines as we do. We co-operate closely with the responsible environmental authorities.
  • We inform the interested public about the impact on the environment of our production processes and our environmentally related performances. We are seeking the open dialogue with the general public, to exchange information for the improvement of the general environmental situation.
  • We support our customers in the ecologically compatible use of our products.
  • CemeCon provides the means needed for the implementation of the environmental policy.

The CemeCon environmental policy is valid for the entire CemeCon Group. All employees are requested to comply with the principles defined in the environmental policy guidelines of CemeCon.