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About CemeCon AG

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lemmer (Management board) und Dr.-Ing. Toni Leyendecker (CEO)

With around 286 employees worldwide, of which approximately 176 are based at the company's Wuerselen plant near Aachen in Germany, CemeCon is one of the world's most successful companies specialising in state-of-the-art coating solutions for cutting tools and offers a wide-range of services. CemeCon operates one of the largest coating centres for cutting tools world-wide at its Wuerselen site, which houses a total of 45 coating plants. The company also has production sites in the USA and China and licensed partners worldwide .

A rising demand for state-of-the-art coating solutions for cutting tool components

Coating tools increase their performance across almost all machining applications and enables cost-effective processing of modern materials, such as fibre-glass reinforced plastics, magnesium and aluminium, which are standard in both the aerospace industry and the automotive manufacturing sector.

Developing a coating that meets our customers' needs

Our engineers work closely with our customers to develop high-tech coating solutions that meet various requirements. Our expertise in coating design is based on our many years of experience in the field, as well as the development of existing coating materials. At CemeCon we give our engineers the freedom to develop new ideas. This results in the creation of astounding technical feats, some of which prove to be groundbreaking – not only in terms of the individual coatings that are applied to high-performance instruments, but also in terms of the leading coating technologies on the market. CemeCon stands for pure innovative power.

System technology and peripherals for coating development and production

The CC800®/9 flexible coating system forms the core of our system technology. Its modular structure offers a wide range of options for modification and expansion: from small-scale manufacturing to entire production lines for PVD sputter and diamond coatings. As well as our coating systems, we also produce peripherals designed for coating development and production. All of our coating systems are developed and produced in house.

CemeCon coatings in USA, China and in Czech Republic

CemeCon opened its USA office in 1998. CemeCon Inc, based in Horseheads in the state of New York, uses our Application Development Center (ADC) to allow customers access to CemeCon's coating technology. This acts as a base to pass on knowledge and train technicians on how to use tried and tested processes and technical expertise developed in Würselen. End of 2014 a new Diamond Coating Center was installed in Horseheads.

CemeCon has also been active in China since 2003. At the beginning of 2015 CemeCon expands its service and technology center in Suzhou to a “Center of Excellence”. All engineering and manufacturing activities will be concentrated in that location. Baoding CemeCon Coating Technology Co. Ltd delivers top-quality, state-of-the-art coating solutions. Baoding CemeCon Coating Technology Co. Ltd provides coatings for cutting tools, dies, components and accessories for the electronics industry.

CemeCon technology is also in high demand on the Czech market. Together with its partner, CemeCon s.r.o, CemeCon ensures customers here also have access to the best service and highest technological expertise.

At the beginning of 2016 CemeCon K.K. was founded in Japan. For customers the reliable CemeCon coating Technology is available accompanied by competent consultancy.

In every field, all our partners and subsidiaries deliver a level of production quality equal to that produced by CemeCon AG in Würselen; this is true for both our high-level coating solutions and our proven system technology.


CemeCon is the world's largest coating centre for cutting tools.