CemeCon Coating Technology Turnkey coating lines

Turnkey In-house coating systems

In-house coating competence is a competitive advantage

CemeCon is doing coating - every single day. And it does it in one of the world‘s largest coating centers for machining tools. A turnkey solution brings this wealth of experience and proven CemeCon coatings into your production.

With cutting tools, the coating is often the crucial competitive advantage. The skill gained through integrating your own coating system ensures you full control over your product and allows flexibility and fast reaction. The complete package, including the coating system, substrate pretreatment and peripherals, covers the entire workflow. This entirety is the result of technology and a proven process, easing your entry into in-house coating technology.

With experience from 300 completed systems, and as your project partner, CemeCon takes responsibility for creating an individual turnkey solution. The service team draws up the time, space and connection plan, handles country-specific details, assists in cooperation with public authorities and delivers a coating production ready to use.

You gain from CemeCon‘s continuous development of coatings. Our evelopment team will help you at any time with future applications. Comprehensive support and service ensures the system‘s continuous operation.

Three good reasons for choosing your turnkey coating line

  • Proven coating recipes from CemeCon contract coating on proven coating systems.
  • An individually adapted production process that ensures fast and effi cient production runs.
  • Service right from the start: CemeCon handles complete advance planning and sets up the system and peripherals.


The Wolf coating center for components and cutting tools in Bruchmühlbach