Microblasting systems

Pre-treatment and post-treatment for pefect surfaces

PVD coatings can be deposited on many different materials and substrates. Most machining tools involve hard metals, HSS steels and sometimes also ceramics. Many different types of steel are used for the manufacture and processing of these tools and components. After manufacture, many surfaces still exhibit ridges, burning or other troublesome intermediate coatings.

Optimisation of the characteristics of a coating by pretreatment procedures

The CC800®/9 system is equipped with an extraordinarily effective plasma cleaning process, and a simple, preliminary cleaning is sufficient for most applications. In many cases, the properties of the coating can be further enhanced by means of a suitable blasting process. Ridges and impurities are removed while substrate surfaces are shaped.

Considerably offer of blasting systems with all necessary processes

Our range of goods includes both manual and fully automatic micro-blasting systems. Depending on the technical requirements and the necessary capacity, the blasting systems are designed for production and are integrated, ready to use, into your production facilities with all the necessary processes.

Active environmental protection by processing of the media

In this way, you attain ultrasmooth surfaces and help the environment at the same time: the use of a separator which prepares the pretreatment material enables not only the highest possible service life to be achieved for the blasting material, it also ensures active protection of the environment as it can be used again and again. In addition, only a small amount of water is used and this conserves natural resources.