CemeCon Coating Technology Peripherals / Accessory

Peripherals / Accessory


CemeCon blasting and cleaning systems provide the best possible substrate preparation. Blasting systems free tools of burrs and grinding burnand remove loose carbide grains and cobalt smearing. If necessary, preparation of cutting edges can be optimized. Cleaning systems remove impurities gently and completely. The product line extends from manual systems for small or medium production quantities to fully automatic systems for large coating centers. All of the solutions are environmentally friendly and economical, thanks to the regeneration of blasting and cleaning media.

Quality control

When it comes to quality control when goods are received or dispatched, CemeCon offers the right testing device for every need. Tailor-made quality assurance packages can be assembled from ball cratering test devices, Rockwell testers, microscopes and impact testers.


Peripherals adjusted to the coating technology

Coating quality depends on all of the necessary steps in the process fitting together perfectly. CemeCon offers all of the components for a complete in-house coating center from one source – perfectly matched with one another. The CemeCon advantage: Accessories and all components, machines and processes for pre- and post-treatment and quality control are always adapted to customer requirements and existing infrastructure.

During coating, cooling systems dissipate heat and provide necessary process safety. CemeCon offers compact, reliable, energy-saving cooling systems for every system size and every coating technology.


Thanks to a special bonding process, CemeCon Targets ensure the highest quality and process reliability. They are optimally adapted to the coating process and, thanks to plug technology, are available in a wide choice of materials.