CemeCon Sputtering Targets für Premium coatings

To achieve the best result, all steps of the production chain have to be aligned with one another. These include, besides the coating process, the coating- and process technology, also the pre- and post-treatment as well as the accessories and expendable parts such as sputtering targets. In the process development, CemeCon aligns hardware, software, process and target with one another for each application.

The sputtering target is the starting material for the coatings and thus of significant importance for the success. For the development of new coating processes, CemeCon considers all target technology available on the market and selects the suitable sputtering target for the particular coating.

Thanks to a special bonding process, CemeCon Targets ensure the highest quality and process reliability. They are optimally adapted to the coating process and, thanks to plug technology, are available in a wide choice of materials.

Available CemeCon Targets:


Various materials are mechanically combined with one another. This technique is suitable for the easy production of multinary coatings (AlTi, TiAlSi, TiAlSiCr,..). The selection of the right target is dependent on the desired coating. Especially the plug-targets, bonded on a copper cooling plate, have proved to be successful with titanium-based coatings. Compared to other systems, the ideal adjustment of
target, process and cathode magnetic field leads to a high deposition rate and a better target utilization of about 30 per cent at a imultaneously ideal chemical coating composition. Due to the achievable power densities, mechanical stability and reproducibility, CemeCon exclusively uses plug-targets for titanium-based coatings. Titanium-based plug-targets are available in different compositions. For the development of new coatings, new targets can be delivered anytime without much effort.

Alloyed targets

Various materials are powder or melt-metallurgically combined with one another in the shape of a plate. Like with plug-targets, this technique is suitable for the production of multinary coatings (TiB2, CrAl, AlTi,..). cannot be mechanically combined. An example is the ceramic TiB2, which is used to produce CemeCon’s successful AluSpeed® coating. To increase the maximum power density, the high density TiB2 plates are bonded on a copper cooling plate. CemeCon recommends using alloyed targets also for the production of CrAl coatings. CemeCon CrAl - targets are available in various compositions and are easily adaptable to new development requirements.

Monolithic targets

The target consists of only one material Cr, Al, Ti, C. Almost all metals and many semi-metals as well as oxides can be delivered as target. Most materials are bonded on a copper plate to increase the allowed power densities and to improve the mechanical stability.