CemeCon Coating Technology Coating units

CemeCon Coating Systems - proven quality from 30 years´ experience

CemeCon offers coating systems for PVD- and CVD-coatings for cutting tools and components.

Sputter technology offers ultra-smooth, 100% droplet-free and adhesive PVD-coatings up to 15 μm thickness.
Diamond-Multilayer coatings are offered up to 20 μm thickness.

All coating units work economically, fast and reliable, offer highest capacity for cutting tools and are available for high-precision tools in small and large quantities. They offer fully automatic operation around the clock and fast and simple change from one coating system to another in less than 30 min.

All PVD coatings can be produced on one machine flexibly by using metals, transition metals, oxides, ceramic materials such as TiB2 and B4C and DLC coatings. Also research and development will find a large variety of use. The coatings units are easy to operate, upgradeable and have a very compact design.