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DC Sputter Coating System

CC800®/9 ML und CC800®/9 XL

CemeCon coating systems with DC Sputter technology are especially flexible and applicable universally. For many years they have been the backbone of many tool coatings around the world. Depending on the quantities required, the ML and XL versions are available. Both of them coat quickly and easily with all nitride-, boride- and carbonbased materials. Add-on modules allow further individual adjustments.

The CC800®/9 ML is the economical system for medium unit quantities and frequent changes in batch and coating material. With the optional fl ex module, your capacity can be further enlarged and quickly adapted to current order volume.

Due to its high fl exibility, the CC800®/9 ML line has proved its worth in research and development. The system‘s open, modular design allows it to be equipped with many extensions and options, such as measuring devices.

CemeCon has developed the CC800®/9 XL for large unit quantities or large components. With the same external dimensions as the ML model, it has considerably larger coating volume. it coats 4.500 drills or 16.400 cutting inserts and tools up to 800 millimeters long and 650 millimeters in diameter in just one operation. The electro-hydraulically driven quickchange table allows fast loading and unloading of tool batches.

Performance data CC800®/9 ML 6 (10) CC800®/9 XL
Coating area Ø x h [mm] Ø400 x 400
(Ø650 x 400)
Ø650 x 700
Substrate table Ø x number of satellites [mm] number Ø400 x Ø130 x 6
(Ø650 x Ø130 x 10)
Ø650x Ø130 x 10
Quick replacement table Mechanical
or electro-hydraulic
Sputter cathodes items [mm] 4 x 500 4 x 800
Maximum substrate dimensions Ø x h [mm] Ø400 x 800
(Ø650 x 800)
Ø650 x 800
Drill capacity Ø6 mm x 60 mm item 1,800 (3,000) 4,500
Insert capacity 12.7 mm x 3.5 mm item 4,920 (8,200) 16,400
Maximum substrate weight [kg] 250 (500) 500
Cycle time for 3 μm Hyperlox®
on a 10 mm milling cutter
[h] 5 6
Processes Sputtering with
booster technology
Sputtering with
booster technology
Substrate pre-treatment (plasma etching) Booster and MF etching Booster and MF etching
Electrically conductive coatings Yes Yes
Electrically non-conductive coatings No No
Electrically non-conductive substrates No No
Rated power [kW] 60 80
Power consumption per batch for 3μm Hyperlox®
on a 10 mm milling cutter
[kWh] 120 120
Outer dimensions (w x l x h) [mm3] 1.050 x 3.350 x 2.200 1.050 x 3.350 x 2.200
Weight (empty) [kg] 3.000 – 3.300 ~ 3.300

Coating Volume


ALOX® coating with 12.5 μm coating thickness