HiPIMS Coating System

CC800® HiPIMS Coating system

CC800® HiPIMS combines all the Advantages of the classical DC Sputter coating system with the capabilities of the latest HiPIMS technology. The system is equipped with a total of six Sputter cathodes, four of which can be operated in either HiPIMS or DC mode. The additional two DC cathodes can be operated, for example, to provide more complex multilayer coatings, to deliver color and top coatings, or simply to increase deposition rates. The absolutely free combination of these technologies within one process gives an unlimited range of coating designs at very low production costs. Deposition rates of 2 μm/h and process times of 4–5 hours can be achieved in pure HiPIMS mode. When simultaneously operating of all 6 cathodes, 3 μm/h are reached. This was a so far unthinkably low production time for a coating capacity of 1.800 round shank tools or 5.000 indexable inserts before now. The CC800® HIPIMS is able to deposit all available CemeCon Sputter coatings and almost all PVD coatings available on the market. Furthermore, it is the perfect machine for the development of custom-built processes. The customerfriendly user interface „DataView“ and the integrated planning tool „DataPlan“ facilitate the design of individual coating solutions. Your coating will make your product stand out on the market, allowing users to gain a competitive edge. Other features such as user-friendly remote control by tablet and phone, the maintenance-friendly ssembly, fully automatic cathode shutters, automatic door closing and the unit for a quick exchange of the coating table complete
the picture of CC800® HiPIMS being the optimum coating system for the production and development of state-of-the-art high performance coatings.

Performance data for the CC800® HiPIMS system
Coating area Ø x h [mm] Ø400 x 400
Substrate table Ø x number of satellites [mm], number Ø400 x Ø130 x 6
Quick replacement table Optional
Sputter cathodes items [mm] 6 x 500 (including 4 optional HiPIMS/ DC, and 2 more DC, all equipped with shutter
Maximum substrate dimensions Ø x h [mm] Ø400 x 800
Drill capacity Ø6 mm x 60 mm item 1,800
Insert capacity 12.7 mm x 3.5 mm item 4,920
Maximum substrate weight [kg] 250
Deposition rate µm/h In pure HiPIMS mode 2 μm/h, in DC- or combi mode up to 3 μm/h
Cycle time for FerroCon® [h] 4.5
Processes HiPIMS and sputtering with booster technology.
All established CemeCon coatings may be used.
Substrate pre-treatment (plasma etching) Booster, MF and HiPIMS etching
Electrically conductive coatings Yes
Electrically non-conductive coatings Yes
Electrically non-conductive substrates Yes
Rated power [kW] 80
Power consumption per batch for 3μm HPN1
on a 10 mm milling cutter
[kWh] 120
Outer dimensions (w x l x h) [mm3] 1,450 x 3,350 x 2,200
Weight (empty) [kg] ~ 3,500
Closing of chamber doors Automatic closing


CC800® HiPIMS: For denser coatings, improved hardness/ toughness and enhanced cutting results - and this with a deposition rate of 2 µm/h.
Homogeneous coating thickness distribution on the cutting edge

High-energetic HiPIMS plasma

Intuitive touch controls and pneumatic actuators for chamber doors facilitate daily work on the plant.

Coating volume of CC800® HiPIMS