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The HiPIMS-Technology

HiPIMS, the PVD coating technology of the future

HiPIMS (High Power Impuls Magnetron Sputtering) combines the advantages of all conventional coating technologies for cutting tools available on the market.

The smoothness of the sputtering, the high hardness values, compact coating structures and scratch resistance to over 130 newtons, tools coated in this way are exceptionally resistant to wear in extremely hard, especially tough and oxidation-resistant materials such as stainless steel, titanium or nickel-based alloys.

But HiPIMS coatings can also deliver top performance in unalloyed, alloyed and high-speed steels. The high metal ionisation of nearly 100 per cent gives the best adhesion, even in cold-welded materials, which are particularly difficult to machine. In addition, coatings deposited by HiPIMS technology give extremely homogeneous surfaces, even on very complex 3D geometries.