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The CVD-Diamond-Coating-Technology

Patented multilayers for machining graphite, carbon-fibre and glass-fibre reinforced plastics and composites, abrasive non-ferrous metals and ceramics

Diamond, the hardest material in the world as a coating material for maximum protection against wear.

For many years, CemeCon has used the CVD technology to produce diamond coatings for cutting tools – real crystalline and nanocrystalline sp3 diamonds with a Vickers hardness of about 10,000. More than 20 years ago, CemeCon developed the CVD hot filament process and is now the world leader in diamond coatings and technologies.

In the hot filament process, diamond is produced from gas. In an Hydrogen-Methane gas atmosphere, carbon is turned into pure diamond. Depending on the application, the diamond coating can be deposited as a microcrystalline, nanocrystalline or multi-layer coating. Fully automatic coating machines combined with pretreatment ideally adapted to the substrate enable diamond coatings to be produced with thicknesses of more than 20 μm with an outstanding adhesion.

CemeCon‘s patented multi-layer technology ensures maximum stability of the individual layers within the coatings. Any cracks that may occur cannot spread beyond the layer boundaries. Thanks to their extreme hardness – with up to 10,000 HV0.05, close to that of natural diamond – all coatings in the CCDia® product group are extremely wear resistant. The performance of Round Tools and inserts made of solid carbide is significantly increased by applying a CCDia® coating. The diamond coating‘s high heat conductivity is responsible for a fast heat dissipation. This is tremendously important when processing temperature-sensitive materials such as carbon-fibre and glass-fibre reinforced plastics, and enables higher processing speeds to be used when machining. All of these properties make the CCDia® line the first choice for machining graphites, composites, non-ferrous metals, green parts and ceramics according to VDI standard 3323.


Smooth, highly adhesive and resistant thanks to multi-layer diamond coating