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PVD Sputter-Technology

Smooth, droplet-free coatings for cutting tools

Since 1986, CemeCon has been a trailblazer in developing hardcoatings by using the PVD sputter technology.

During sputtering, the material is vaporised and deposited as a coating directly from solid into gas. In traditional processes, the coating material must be melted. This inevitably creates droplets that become blemishes on the coating structure and lead to a very rough surface. During sputtering, these droplets do not appear. The USP of the sputter technology is the extremely smooth surface.

Another advantage of the sputter technology is a significant reduction of the internal stress inside the coating. This enables the deposition of, e.g. AlTiN layers up to a layer thickness of 15 μm and more. An unbeatable advantage in all applications with a great deal of wear volume.

Furthermore, adhesion values – determined by a scratch test – of about 100 newtons are typical.

Sputtering is tremendously flexible. It can be used to produce all known coating compositions. There are no limits to the tools that can be coated – from the smallest microtool measuring less than 0.1 mm to big hobs.