PVD Sputter Coatings from CemeCon

  • Low residual stress
  • Very smooth coatings without the formation of droplets
  • High level of hardness and hot hardness
  • Exceptional adhesive strength
  • Oxidation-resistant
  • Low friction
  • Deposition of thick coatings possible due to very low internal stress
  • No roundings on the cutting edges, sharp edges also on thick coatings
  • Cost-effective production in both small and large batches
  • High flexibility in the choice of coating materials due to practically unlimited combinations of periodic-table elements for producing coatings
  • Possibility of also depositing conductive and non-conductive materials on all substrata in the future

HiPIMS - the Future of PVD coating technology

For denser coatings, improved hardness/ toughness and enhanced cutting results - and this with a deposition rate of 2 µm/h.

HiPIMS (High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) is the next evolutionary step in sputter technology. It combines all the advantages of the common coating technologies and methods currently on the market. HiPIMS, deposits like the DC sputtering process smooth, droplet-free and low stress coatings in an almost unlimited variety. HiPIMS is characterised by an outstanding high ionisation of the sputtered metal. Scratch loads up to 130 Newton prove the superb coating adhesion which is directly related to the high ionisation level. ,HiPIMS coatings that are both hard and tough at the same time thanks to the dense and nearly amorphous film structure.. A consistent and homogeneous distribution of coating thickness around three-dimensional objects like the cutting edge of a tool facilitates optimal wear protection.
CemeCon has systematically refined the HiPIMS technology to the point of being ready for industrial coating production. In Terms of technology this means maximum flexibility and highest economic efficiency with a deposition rate of 2µm/h.


Sputter layer enlarged 2000x. Extremely smooth: In contrast to processes that leave droplets on the surface (pivture below), surfaces from the PVD Sputter process (picture above) are extremely smooth.
Arc layer enlarged 2000x