CVD Diamond Coatings From CemeCon AG

Patented Multilayers for machining graphite, glass- or carbon-reinforced plastics and composites

The world‘s hardest material used as a coating for maximum wear protection when machining graphites, fiber-reinforced plastics (composites) and abrasive non-ferrous metals.

For many years, CemeCon has used CVD technology to produce diamond coatings for cutting tools and components – true crystalline sp3 diamonds with a hardness of nearly 10,000 Vickers. More than 20 years ago, CemeCon developed the hot filament process to market maturity and is now the world leader in diamond coatings and technologies.

All CCDia® products are extremely wear resistant

In the hot filament process, diamond is produced from gas. In an H2-CxHy gas atmosphere, carbon is turned into pure, crystalline diamond in vacuum. This can produce up to four carat diamond per hour. Depending on the application, it can be deposited as a micro-crystalline, nano-crystalline or Multilayer coating. The fully automatic coating technology, paired with optimal pretreatment of the substrate, allows the deposition of coatings with thicknesses of more than 20 μm and outstanding adhesion. CemeCon‘s patented Multilayer technology ensures maximum stability by interlocking the individual layers within the coatings. If cracks arise, they cannot spread beyond the layer boundaries. Thanks to their extreme hardness – with up to 10,000 HV0.05, close to natural diamonds – all coatings in the CCDia® product group are extremely wear resistant. Performance of shaft tools and indexable inserts made of solid carbide is significantly increased with a CCDia® coating. The diamond coating‘s high heat conductivity makes for fast heat dissipation. This is enormously important when processing temperature-sensitive materials such as carbon- and glass-fiberreinforced plastics, and allows higher processing speed during machining. All of these properties make the CCDia® line of coating materials the first choice for machining graphites, composites, nonferrous metals, green parts and ceramics according to VDI standard 3323.

More and more components are enhanced with a diamond coating. Diamond is extremely hard and barely deformable. It is chemically inert to nearly all media, has very low friction and high heat conductivity. These unique properties constantly open new fields of application for diamond coatings in many industries.

Properties of CemeCon diamond coatings:

  • Extremely abrasion-resistant
  • High level of hardness of 10,000 HV0.05
  • High heat conductivity
  • No CVD-typical lugs on sharp cutters
  • Economic: use of various cutting edges for indexable inserts
  • Can be used for high feeds, e.g. during AlSi processing
  • No binder phase

Diamond Coating Process


Crystalline diamond coating

Nano-crystalline diamond coating

Multilayer diamond coating